Osteopathy, as we wrote at the beginning, is a recognized professional medical practice in most countries around the world, in fact, even in many other Canadian provinces.

It has been established in Quebec since 1980. However, there is no professional recognition, so there is a significant margin in the quality of training, knowledge and consequent care.

Some have excellent medical training, solid knowledge and a logical deductive approach to dealing with "the right thing". At the same time, other osteopaths, or who can unfortunately appear as such because of the lack of professional recognition, have a "discount" training. While true clinicians strive to evaluate patients based on history and recognized medical tests and provide appropriate care, others will want to know the astral sign, the map of the sky ... and will talk of chakras!

Beginning in 2017, prosecutions were instituted against osteopaths: either osteopathic students or worse, individuals who call themselves osteopaths but do not have the knowledge or concern for the quality of care that has characterized osteopathy since 1887.

Unfortunately for clients, unfortunately for the reputation of osteopathy ... and unfortunately also for other practitioners who benefit from strong medical knowledge and who feel unfair this false image conveyed lack of seriousness.

We are working hard to obtain this professional recognition and the advanced pathway should be completed soon with the obtaining of the profession of osteopath. No doubt this much-deserved recognition will help to clean up!