My personal journey

My love for science and healthy living.

I have never smoked, I drink very little alcohol and I train intensely 2 or 3 times week since 1998. I never stopped.

It is very young that I developed a taste for logical and rational thinking ... and science: astronomy, physics and medicine.

I have never stopped studying science.



I am a member of MENSA Canada and MENSA USA. I lectured there on the following topics:

-The etiology in medicine, or what it is to truly seek the causes of a health problem,

-The cognitive approach in medicine, or the importance of explaining its pathology to the patient in order to demystify his disease, and to make him an active, motivated and effective partner in the recovery of his health.



In addition, I do 10 to 12 times a year, and since 2009, presentations in astronomy in schools, end of primary and secondary.

These voluntary presentations are made by the Scientific Recreation Council, of which I am a member, or by the Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology (SPST), organizations whose purpose is to promote the taste of science among youth.


In 2010 and 2011, I also developed a physics / astronomy course (it took me two years), in which I explain the restricted and general relativity in a clear and comprehensible way. This is a physics course of about 3 hours. I put the emphasis in understanding the problematic lived at the beginning of the century in physics, problematic to which the relativity of Albert Einstein would respond. In other words, one understands better and more easily the relativity (the solution) by first understanding the problem to which this theory answers.

This theory, relativity, which is no longer really a theory. Indeed, relativity has been proved and demonstrated as precisely as our technological means, increasingly refined, can allow.

Since spring 2012, I have given this two-hour lecture on relativity in different educational institutions and astronomy clubs, including the FAAQ astronomy congress in September 2013, the Montreal Planetarium, Mégantic mount, four presentations in the fall of 2013, 2014, spring 2016 in Rimouski ...

These volunteer presentations are presented for the sake of science and the promotion of logical and rational thought.

I am a diver for 40 years. From rescue diver, I hold a PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors certification. I dive regularly summer and winter (in the south). I am therefore familiar with the various health problems related to scuba diving!